Sex can be an amazing experience and it’s meant to be a reciprocal one; you do things to make your partner feel good and they offer you the same in return. If you’re sleeping with a guy who refuses to do these things, kick him out of your bed ASAP.

1. ENGAGE IN FOREPLAY It takes a little more effort to get women in the mood than men, which is why foreplay is so important and valuable in our sexual encounters. Nothing sounds less pleasurable than immediately ripping off your clothes and just going at it with no preamble. He may be ready to go but he needs to slow down and take his time to make sure you are too.

2. KISS YOU Sure, a lot of guys aren’t really all that into kissing because it doesn’t do much for them, but if you are into making out and consider that connection important during sex, he sure as hell should be willing to do it. Not only that, he should be thrilled about doing it. After all, is there anything hotter or more passionate than a kiss? I think not.

3. COMPLIMENT YOUR BODY You don’t need a guy to validate you by giving you compliments, but if you’re getting naked with someone, it’d be nice to know that they appreciate what they see and cherish the opportunity to be close to you and, you know, inside of you. If he can’t even bring himself to tell you how hot he thinks you are, he’s definitely not worth sleeping with.

4. GO DOWN ON YOU! don’t care if he “doesn’t like it” or can’t be bothered since it does nothing for his own pleasure—if he refuses to go down on you, refuse to have him in your bed. This is even more offensive when he still expects you to head downtown for him. What in the DJ Khaled hell?

5. MAKE SURE YOU GET OFF EVEN AFTER HE HAS Because he’s a man and his anatomy is a little more simplistic, chances are he’s going to get off before you. That’s great—good for you, buddy!—but he sure as hell needs to keep going until you have an orgasm as well. A dude who rolls off you and then rolls over to go to sleep as soon as he’s finished is one who literally should never get laid again. See ya, loser!

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