Have you ever wondered how to get a 40, 50, or 60 year old plus woman into bed with you? Maybe you already have a hot older woman in your life that you’d like to get intimate with. In this guide, I’ll show you what you need to do to get her into bed, no matter your age.

Plenty of guys, especially younger ones, think they don’t have what it takes to seduce women who are significantly older than them. But if they only knew exactly what to do, they’d have no problems seducing and sleeping with older ladies.

So read on because I’ll give you the correct steps you need to take to meet, flirt, seduce and then get laid with women who are 50 and older.

Why should you learn how to get a 40-year-old woman in bed successfully?

Unfortunately, too many guys believe women who are 40 or older don’t really care much about sex anymore.

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While this is true for some women because of menopause, it’s definitely not true for the majority!

There are still plenty of older women at that age who want and crave sex as much as they did when they were at the peak of their libido. So it’s always worth it to learn how to get a 40-year-old woman in bed.

In fact, I’d go as far as saying it’s often easier to get a 40-year-old woman into bed than a 20-year-old one. Older women already know what they want. They are more confident in themselves and often easily recognize a great opportunity for some fun when they see one.

So how do you seduce these wonderful mature women? By following the steps below to the best of your ability.

Approach with confidence

Older women have a ton of life experience and have pretty much seen it all when it comes to men. So there’s little tolerance for fake guys and similar bullshit.

They look for men who are confident, secure, and manly.

So when you see a 40-year-old woman you like, you have to approach her confidently. Then try to be as authentic as possible.

That’s because if you approach and try to impress her with various superficial things, she’ll simply find you boring. If you act all tough and cool and pretend to be someone you’re not, she’ll see through it. She might even think you’re inexperienced with women or overcompensating for something.

So, put on your best grin or pleasant smile, make sure you have strong yet relaxed body language, and approach her. Then talk to her straightforwardly without playing any games.

Also, while you’re approaching, be sure to keep strong eye contact. Don’t falter when she locks eyes with you. If you do, she’ll start thinking that you’re intimidated by her.

You have to show her that you want her and that you’re willing to do what it takes to get her attention.

Show her you understand her

After you approach, refrain from talking about things that would make the age gap between you more obvious.

Remember, she won’t really care much about how old you are unless you draw attention to that fact yourself.

So don’t talk about how you partied all night and woke up the next day with barely a hangover. Don’t start trying to impress her with your tech job at this hip new startup company.

She won’t be able to relate to these topics. Instead, she’ll start feeling her age and won’t want to talk to you as much.

Plus, if she has kids of her own, you’ll start to remind her of them. And that’s the last thing you want her to think about if you want to seduce her successfully.

So instead, talk about the things she won’t feel out of the loop about. Talk about topics she might enjoy like current events, travel, and even politics if your views on that tricky subject align.

There are plenty of older women looking for younger men to date, and the key to seducing them is to not make them think about their age too much.

Impress her with your maturity

Showing maturity is a very important step of how to get a 40-year-old woman in bed.

For her to disregard your age completely and become attracted to you, show her you’re mature beyond your years.

Being able to talk about various sophisticated subjects like art, wine and literature really helps to accomplish this. As does the ability to converse with her about deeper topics like psychology, philosophy and similar things.

When the subject eventually turns to you and your life, try not to look like a little boy who hasn’t done much outside of partying or playing video games. If you haven’t achieved much in life, talk about your dreams and aspirations instead of your past and all the things you haven’t done.

And if you somehow start talking about your age, don’t suddenly be embarrassed by the fact that you’re younger. Think of it as no big deal, and don’t put any attention to it at all.

The same thing goes for when or if she mentions her age. Just say something like “Oh, I thought you were younger,” and move on as if it’s absolutely no big deal.

Next, make sure to be a gentleman with good manners. Even if you haven’t accomplished a lot, being a perfect gentleman is enough to give you a one-up over other men.

Lastly, she has to see that you’re a worthy and independent partner capable of your own thoughts and ideas. You don’t want her to see you as someone she’d have to mother around and teach about life.

Flirt with her in a direct manner

Older women prefer when men flirt with them in a direct manner. However, you still have to be tactful about it and a little bit subtle.

So, don’t overwhelm her with compliment after compliment because it’ll seem like you’re trying too hard. And don’t even dare telling lies like “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!” because she knows there are plenty of women hotter than her.

Instead, mention that she looks great and offer a specific and flattering observation regarding her looks. And then focus on her other assets instead.

Focus on what you like about her as a person. Talk about her kindness, independence, sense of humor and her accomplishments. Talk about how elegantly she presents herself or how well-spoken she is.

Once you spot even a slight hint of mutual attraction, ask her out on a date. Be direct about your intentions, and you’ll be rewarded.

Have fun and get to know her

Dating an older woman is no different from dating a younger one in that you should still focus on the main two things: getting to know her and having fun.

These two things are critical to your success and an integral part of how to get a 40-year-old woman in bed.

That said, be sure to make things a little more classy than usual when on a date with a 40-year-old.

If you’re ordering alcohol, choose wine and cocktails instead of beer and shots. Instead of getting food you can eat with your hands like burgers and fries, opt for something that you can eat with a knife and fork.

This’ll make you seem like a more mature and classy man instead of a young frat boy.

Your date doesn’t have to be overly expensive as long as you focus on the quality of your food and surroundings.

Then be your most charming self and simply have fun with her. Share some laughs and flirt as much as you can. Touch her when it’s appropriate and show her that you have a physical side. This will help her become more comfortable with your touch while also increasing her attraction to you.

After a bit of fun and flirting, make sure to really get to know who she is as a person. Show an interest in her interests and find out more about her. She’ll really appreciate the effort, and you’ll have an easier time seducing her later.

Make her feel attractive and appreciated

After spending some time together on the date and enjoying each other’s company, you should make her feel attractive and appreciated. Older women know they’re past their prime and often feel self-conscious about their looks.

However, remember what I said above: don’t make it too obvious and don’t praise her in a fake way. She’s well aware of her age and looks, and flattery won’t get you anywhere.

Faking your compliments will only make it seem you’re saying this just because you want to sleep with her or get something out of her.

Instead, make her feel like she’s still got it — she still has an amazing physique, a beautiful smile and a graceful demeanor. Compliment her on her looks, but don’t go overboard.

Don’t just stop with her looks. After the time you spent getting to know her on your date, talk about the things you admire about her. Let her know why you like her, whether it’s because of her bubbly personality or her impeccable taste or her kindness towards others.

This will make her feel like you’ve invested time to get to know her. It can also improve your chances of sleeping with her.

Be open about your intention to take her to bed

This next step is vital for getting 40-year-old women into your bed.

Remember when I said older women prefer a direct manner of flirting? Well, they also prefer it when a man clearly states his sexual desire for them and doesn’t hide it.

Just don’t be crass about it and say something stupid like “I want to screw your brains out on this table right now!” That’s just immature.

Likewise, you don’t have to beat around the bush or be coy. Simply say you’re really attracted to her and that you want to spend the night together.

Basically, your intentions for her and the fact that you want to sleep with her should be clear by the time the date’s over.

So when the evening’s winding down, get close to her, tell her why you find her attractive, and kiss her. Then invite her to spend the night together. Or if you’re taking her home, ask her if she would like your company.

If you’ve paid attention to the above tips, she’ll very likely accept your offer. It’s vital to be completely honest with her about this to show that you’re a man who goes for what he wants, especially if there’s any sexual tension brewing between you.

You’d be surprised by how many 40-year-old women will accept your invitation after they’ve had a wonderful evening with you.

The secret to how to get a 40-year-old woman in bed is focusing on showing you’re mature beyond your years. That way, she’ll never have a problem with how old you are.

Dating and sleeping with older women is a wonderful experience, and it can easily blossom into a wonderful relationship. If you won’t let the age gap intimidate you, approach them confidently and follow all the steps above.

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