There are so many ways to learn how to turn a girl on over text, but unfortunately not all of them are effective. We must always remember that women are not robots – their emotions and decisions can be unpredictable. The best strategy you can use is to apply a few different proven ways and use them to bring you results. To save you a mountain of effort, we’ve put together 5 prove ways to generate sexual attraction with a woman through texting.

Use these tips in your textual interactions with women both on your phone as well as online. Before we get to these methods, let’s be clear about the underlying purpose.

Generating Sexual Attraction

Texting a woman serves many purposes: getting to know her, building comfort and rapport, getting her to like you, setting up plans for a date, and generating sexual attraction. Interestingly, the latter is a method that is commonly overlooked, even though it can be incredibly powerful when it’s done correctly.

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We consider the techniques that lead to intimacy to be an advanced skill set when it comes to texting women. But if there’s one thing you should know, it’s that generating sexual attraction goes beyond simply making her like you over text.

You’ve got to go beyond the positive feelings. She’s got to feel an incredible pull towards you – especially if you met her online.

In fact, we would go so far to say that you should always be generating some sexual attraction with the women you meet through online dating. It’s simply the best way to get her to commit to seeing you in person.

The Strategies for How to Turn a Girl On Over Text

Now that you know that sexually exciting a girl over text is more than just making her like you, we can move on to the methods. It’s not just about sending the right text message or having the perfect line. More importantly, what matters isn’t what you say, but how you say it.

The subtext that you communicate speaks greater volumes than anything you could ever say literally. To put it bluntly, you’re unlikely to create strong attraction one letter at a time over a digital screen. But the impression that you give her based on what you say most certainly has the power to make her keep thinking about you.

Let’s move on to the first method.

1 – Be Distinctive and Unpredictable

We’ve chosen to start with what is perhaps the most important method we could discuss. When learning how to turn a girl on over text, it’s crucial to avoid common mistakes while implementing procedures that leave a woman thinking that you’re a different sort of man.

When texting a woman, you must always strive to be unique and unforgettable. This is simply the best way to distinguish yourself and throw a curveball at her because most guys she talks to are one-trick-ponies.

For instance, while you may go over some “getting to know you” questions over text, you shouldn’t dwell on them, even if you met her online. Those questions are best saved for when you’re together in person. Until then, be distinct and erratic.

Ask her to tell you three things: her favorite place, activity and drink. When she asks you the same in return, reply with 3 completely unexpected or interesting things.

As an example, you could say a lake house, attending wine tastings and a michelada. In regards to a place, a lake house isn’t a common reply like the gym, a bar, or your home.

Many women love a wine tasting, so you can expect some points on this one for its romantic appeal. And a michelada is a drink that she will likely not have heard of and may ask about it, putting you in the position to introduce something new to her.

Moreover, when it comes to being unpredictable, know that it’s the little things that matter. Compliment her on something, and then go a full day or two without texting her.

Tell her you’d like to see her very soon but delay in establishing a time or date. Anything that keeps her guessing plays a role in establishing sexual attraction – being boring, desperate and ordinary has the opposite effect.

2 – Ask For Her Picture When Trying to Turn Her On Over Text

Simply ask her if she can do something for you.

When she asks what, ask her to send you a picture over text or your messenger application.

Tell her that you can do the same.

In case she asks why, just reply, “I’m curious about you.”

When she sends you a picture, just reply with your picture, perhaps with a “:)” smiling face symbol if it’s congruent with your personality.

This is a great way to establish sexual intent in a way that’s almost always mutually comfortable.

If the vibe between you is excellent, and you can feel it when it is, then you can even go a bit further and ask for another picture.

But this time, you could say: “now send me a picture that’s show a bit more :)” to intensify things bit.

She’ll know what you mean, and she might even tease you on it.

Have fun with it, and she will too – while she gets even more excited about you.

3 – Be Masculine and Establish a Polarity

This method of how to turn a girl on over text needs to be explained because it can easily be misunderstood.

Being masculine doesn’t mean you have to try to impress her with some macho bravado.

Rather, it just means that you have to establish some sort of difference between you and her, where it’s clear there’s some masculine to feminine energy involved.

It’s this separation that sparks intense sexual attraction between a man and a woman.

A good way to do this would be to ask her over text what she likes in a man.

Ask her to be very specific.

No matter how particular she is, what she says will likely revolve around confidence, humor, honesty, and self-respect.

Of course you should try to show her these traits the more you get to know her.

But for now, tell her what you look for in women as well.

Say that while beauty is important to you, what’s most important is mutual chemistry.

Say that what you like most is a woman with vibrant energy, charm, and elegance.

You could even finish by asking, “are you the woman I’ve been looking for?”

You could also use a winking symbol like “;)” instead of “?” if you want to soften the seriousness of the question.

Be masculine, establish a polarity, and see the results for yourself.

4 – Send Her Exciting Texts

This method is as simple as it gets.

If the question is how to turn a girl on over text, the answer is to send her emotionally charged messages.

This works great after she sends you a picture: “There’s something about you that makes me wonder.”

She will ask you to go on, but don’t give her the goods just yet.

You could use method #3 right after this to great effect.

Moreover, the following message is one you could send a woman at anytime once you’ve broken the ice over text: “I’m still not sure about you. There’s something interesting about your look.”

This also works as bait to intrigue her and she will be curious to hear what you’ll say next.

When she asks for more, you could say: “I think we could get along, but I also feel like you may be trouble.”

This sets you up for a role-play, which adds fun to the flirting.

Engage her and feel free to be creative.

5 – Make Her Work For Your Appreciation

Lastly, one more technique you could use is disqualification.

In other words, make it seem like she has to work for your approval in a very subtle way.

For instance, you could tell her the following: “You seem interesting, but I wonder if there’s more to you than meets the eye.”


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“I like your look, but chemistry is most important to me. Do you know what I mean?”

With the former, you communicate to her that you’re looking deeper and hoping to find something you like.

With the latter, you acknowledge her beauty in a calm manner while moving past it, hoping that there’s more about her that could pull you in.

The 5 techniques that generate strong attraction with a woman over text:

1) Be Unique & Unpredictable

2) Ask For Her Picture

3) Be Masculine & Establish a Polarity

4) Send Her Exciting Texts

5) Disqualify Her

But, don’t be afraid to improvise along the way.

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