Don’t get me wrong, I like bigger ones too… no bigger than 8 ” at the most, but I’ll never judge a guy on the size of his junk. They’re only penises—sex doesn’t revolve around them, so why the obsession with big ones? Let’s hear three cheers for guys with smaller wangs!

1. SO HOW SMALL IS SMALL? The average penis size when flaccid is 3.6 inches and 5.2 inches when erect. To be honest, that’s smaller than I expected. There’s a “big is best” mentality in our society when it comes to penises and I don’t know why. Making a penis joke is a bad move—it’s one of the worst things you could say to a guy, like having a small one makes him less of a person somehow.

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2. IT’S AS IF THEY BASE THEIR LEVEL OF MASCULINITY ON THE SIZE OF THEIR JUNK. Personally, I don’t care about guys being “manly”—I care if they’re good lovers and if they’re respectful. Penis size has nothing to do with their personalities. I’d much rather date an interesting, intellectual guy with a small penis than a douchebag with a whopper.

3. GUYS WITH SMALL PENISES TRY HARDER. That’s not always the case, but in my experience, the guys on the smaller side have been more eager to please in other ways. They’ve learned how to use their fingers and tongues in pretty amazing ways, and I’m pretty grateful for it.

4. THERE’S LESS OF THE EGOTISTICAL BS. Guys with big penises love them too much—like waaay too much. It’s as if they want to hang framed pictures off their junk on their walls. And they love to show and share them to other women, while lying about the relationship to you! They’re so impressed that they’ve managed to grow this thing between their legs and that makes them so much better than other guys. Sorry, but that’s not how it works.

5. SOMETIMES BIG PENISES ARE JUST A BIT TOO MUCH. Despite porn claiming that we love to be stretched wide by a huge dong, many women don’t like that. I certainly don’t. I don’t want an eight-incher banging against my cervix—no thank you, sir! I’m not bragging about my nice, small, tight lady bits (I am), but I’d rather something that slips in easily. And what about condoms? Well-endowed guys have to cram it in there until it almost cuts off circulation! That can’t be comfortable for them.

6. IF YOU’RE NOT SO EXPERIENCED IN THE BEDROOM, A SMALL PENIS IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. I lost my virginity to a guy with a small penis. I’ve never been so relieved to see a small one. I was so scared it was going to be huge because the guy was really tall and heavy set. I was so relieved when he unveiled his modest few inches and thankfully it just slipped right in.

7. IT’S QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY. What’s the use in a big dick if he’s lousy at everything else? Sorry dudes, relying on your sizable manhood isn’t good enough. Sex is about the whole experience for me—the build-up, the exploring, the connection—it’s not just all about filling a hole.

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8. HETEROSEXUAL WOMEN NEED MORE ORGASMS. The “orgasm gap,” as it was named, estimates that straight men orgasm 86% of the time while straight men only get off 62% of the time. Interestingly enough, women who sleep with women are having orgasms 75% of the time, so they’re better off than the women having penetrative sex with a penis! I’ve never known a woman who can orgasm through penetration alone. All the important stuff is around the clitoris, so there usually has to be some kind of stimulation around there for it to happen with or without the penis. When you think about it, penises are just an added bonus.

9. PENETRATION IS OVERRATED. Sometimes I wonder if guys realize that their penises aren’t the wonderful orgasm-inducing pleasure sticks they think they are. Pornography doesn’t help our case—women are notoriously having screaming orgasms from being penetrated by massive penises, but this is all just to play to the male ego. Porn is really messing things up for a lot of people. It’s making guys feel inferior about their penis size and performance and making women feel pressure to do things they might not feel comfortable with.

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10. SEX ISN’T JUST ABOUT PENETRATION ANYWAY. We need more “foreplay” as other people call it, or just “sex” as I call it. “Sex” to me is the whole lot: fingers, toys, tongues, lips, boobs, and clits; massages, dirty talk, dress-up, fondling, tickling, teasing. All this wonderful stuff, often only seen as a lead up to penetrative sex, is so much fun and shouldn’t be overlooked.

11. A SMALLER PENIS MIGHT FIT ELSEWHERE… If you’d been intrigued about trying anal, a guy with a small member could definitely be a good idea. You should never feel pressured into trying something you don’t want to, but if you do, then take your time, relax, use plenty of lube, and remember to still use condoms.

12. BIG PENISES ONLY RESULT IN MAJOR JAW ACHE. Giving a blow job to a guy with a small penis is so much easier. You get good coverage, it doesn’t make you gag, and your jaw won’t be aching for hours afterward. Win!

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