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Original title: Estimation of output and unit cost of down-the-hole drill! Hengwang Group 1. Main factors for selection

"But if the Holy See wants to find the Illuminati," Victoria argued, "can't they follow the signs too?" No. The road is so hidden that it is a mystery that only certain people have the ability to unravel and follow the route guided by the sign to find where the church of the Illuminati is. The Illuminati intentionally use it as an initiation rite, not only as a security measure, but also as a screening process to ensure that only the brightest scientists reach their door. "I don't agree with that.". In the 17th century, the clergy were among the most learned people in the world. If these signs were in public places, surely someone in the Holy See could find out where the Illuminati's lair was. "Of course." Langdon said. But the Illuminati designed it in such a way that the clergy would never have to wonder what the symbols meant. The logos they created are all set in ancient Rome. They asked an Illuminati artist, who was also a prodigy, to create a symmetrical symbol for the word "Illuminati," and they commissioned him to carve four sculptures. "Illuminati sculpture?" "Yes, there are two strict principles to follow in making these four sculptures.". First of all, the statue must look like other works of art in Rome. So that the Holy See will never doubt that these works of art belong to the Illuminati. The second principle is that the four sculptures must contain a specific theme, and each sculpture must subtly represent one of the four elements of scientific concepts. "Four elements?" Victoria said,Pallet rack beams, "There are more than a hundred elements." "Not in the seventeenth century," Langdon reminded her. "The early alchemists believed that the entire universe was made up of only four substances: earth, air, fire, and water." Victoria seemed puzzled. So did this Illuminati artist create four sculptures that look religious,Industrial pallet rack, but actually represent earth, air, fire and water? "That's right," Langdon said. "These sculptures are mixed with countless religious works of art throughout Rome. The Brotherhood donated the art anonymously to specific churches, and then used their political influence to easily place the four statues in their carefully selected churches in Rome. Every statue is a symbol.. Point subtly to the next church.. The next sign is waiting there. These logos serve as clues under the guise of religious art. If an Illuminati applicant can find the mark of the first church and earth, he can follow its guidance to find'Qi '.. And then the fire.. And then water.. Finally arrive at the Illuminati Church. Victoria looks more and more confused. What does this have to do with catching the Illuminati killer? Langdon smiled a little and showed his trick. Oh, it matters. The Illuminati call these four churches by a very special name, the Altar of Science. Victoria frowned. But that doesn't mean anything. She stopped short. "The altar of science?" She exclaimed, "Illuminati killer.". He warned that the cardinal would be a pure sacrifice on the altar of science. Langdon gave her a smile. Four cardinals, long span shelving ,Steel racking system, four churches, four altars of science. She was dumbfounded. Are you saying that the four churches where the cardinal was sacrificed are the same four churches that mark the ancient path of light? "I believe so, yes." "Here comes our escort," said Victoria. Langdon looked up and saw a Swiss guard hurrying across the green to the front door. Chapter 18 The guard took them into the archives without saying a word, then turned to them and said, "The archives are in the door.". I've been instructed to send you here and go back for another mission. Then the guard left immediately. Although Carlo.. The Camerlengo of Ventuske knew the clock was ticking. But he still walked slowly. He needed the time to be alone and clear his mind before he could say the opening prayer. There's so much going on. He walked into the north wing alone, glumly, overwhelmed by the trials of the past fifteen days. He has performed his priesthood to the letter. Following Vatican tradition, the Camerlengo placed his finger on the pope's carotid artery, listened carefully to his breathing, and called his name three times after the pope died, thus confirming that the pope had passed away. Next, he arranged the funeral. When everything was ready, he began to prepare for a secret meeting. Ascending to the top of the royal staircase, the Camerlengo felt as if he were standing on the precipice of life. Even from above he could hear the clamour in the Sistine Chapel below — the restless voices of 165 cardinals. 161 cardinals, he corrected himself. In a flash, the Camerlengo seemed to have experienced the explosion of his childhood again. When he was young, Carlo's mother, Mary, took him to mass every day. The church was his home. Maria was a devout believer in God and often took little Carlo to Mass. Little Carlo never knew his father, and his mother always said to him, "God is your father, and you are a child of the church." When little Carlo and his mother were attending a mass, a terrorist explosion occurred, and little Carlo was the only survivor. Then a bishop came to the hospital and took Carlo away. The bishop arranged for him to live in a small monastery attached to the cathedral he presided over. Carlo lived and studied with the monks and even became an altar assistant to his new patron. Now, Carlo.. The Camerlengo of Ventusk is walking down the royal staircase. As he walked, he said to himself, don't be afraid of anything, give this night to God. The BBC car was parked on the east side of St. Peter's Square, and reporter Gunther. Glick was sitting in the company car,Narrow aisle rack, sweating. Right now he is on papal duty in Vatican City. Glick's job is simple. All he has to do is sit here, wait for a bunch of stupid old men to choose their next leader, and then go outside the car and record a 15-second live broadcast with the Vatican in the background.