Revolution in the Soul (Grave Robbery) Author: Feitianyexiang

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The big fellow nodded, silently out of the way, standing in the back of the fifty Lang suddenly exposed in front

However, the first road leading to the robbery hole has not yet been opened. Lin Jingfeng recalled the position of the disc on the wall when Lili first opened the astrolabe. When did it start to turn? "Do you remember?" Asked Lin Jingfeng. Zhanxing took out his cell phone: "I took a picture. Have a look." The exhibition turned his mobile phone forward and found many more photos, which was inexplicable. I took that for you. Lin Jingfeng said, "When you were dozing off, you didn't take a picture of the rotation of the astrolabe. Give it to me and I'll turn it over." Exhibition line: "Wait, I'm looking for …" Lin Jingfeng: "Give me..." Exhibition line: "Don't rob..." Lin Jingfeng said angrily, "What time is it? Give it to me quickly!" Exhibition line: Aha! Why are you taking pictures of me? Lin Ching-feng blushed and turned to a photo, which showed him going to the tomb in a daze and not sleeping enough. When he opened the lock, he was lying on his back and sleeping on Lin Ching-feng's thigh. Lin Jingfeng said, "I accidentally pressed the wrong button. Give it to me quickly!" Lin Jingfeng grabbed his cell phone and rummaged through it to find the location of the first astrolabe. Here at this time. Lin Jingfeng murmured, "Then it should be.." "I think it's like this..." Lin Jingfeng: "That's not true, you …" Let it go Lin Jingfeng explained: "The first time I came here, Lili adjusted to half, it was brought up by the tidal force, and finally set on the Chen grid, so now we need to adjust it back to the Chen position, and then wait for the next ebb tide, let it push back to its original position, and then gradually rotate to the standard position.." Zhan Xing seemed to understand and nodded. Lin Jingfeng took off his gloves and carefully fiddled with the Chuck with his long fingers. The astrolabe of Liuhe Meridian turned suddenly. Lin Jingfeng said, "What's the matter?"? Is the tide coming in again? Exhibition Road: "Quick, hold it down,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, don't let it move!" " Lin Jingfeng and Zhanxing were in a hurry, pressing the astrolabe at the same time. Finally, Lin Jingfeng reacted quickly, pulled out the dagger and inserted it into the gap of the twelve turning blocks, and stuck it. There was a loud noise beside them, and the tomb rotated again, and this time it stopped quickly. As soon as the wall shook, there was a faint ash. Master and disciples looked at each other,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, Lin Jingfeng had no idea, the year astrolabe turned to half, full of cold sweat was stuck in the middle. There's another door open here. Lin Jingfeng said, "It's just leading to the depths of the tomb. We have to open the outer ring.." "The gate on the opposite wall," he motioned. Exhibition answers: "Perhaps it is to bend go in, again bend come out, still have other access?" Lin Jingfeng also felt a little possible, said: "Try, as long as there is something wrong, do not go in." "Yes," said Zhan Xing, "if we stand by the wall, the mechanism will not turn and shoot out." The exhibition hid behind Lin Jingfeng, two people against the inner wall, Lin Jingfeng reached out to press the switch in the center of the astrolabe. The door opened with a bang, S Adenosyl Methionine ,Theobromine Powder, the crow's mouth predicted success, and the mechanism in the door turned and shot out. It was the most powerful mechanism-water, the secret door connection did not know where to go, the surging water roared in an instant then washed down the exhibition line and Lin Jingfeng, caught off guard by the cold water choked, Lin Jingfeng immediately realized that it was salty, sea water! The source of this mechanism is likely to lead to the sea of Jiaozhou Bay! Exhibition line: "… …" "Hold on tight!" Roared Lin Jingfeng. The sea water rushed out endlessly, the dagger stuck on the astrolabe shook violently, Lin Jingfeng reached out to grasp, but eventually slowed down a step, the dagger was washed to the ground by the water. Before he could react, he was thrown far away by the turbulent current. When he took a breath, the turbulent sea water had filled the whole narrow circular passage and flooded to the top of the stone road. He only heard Lin Jingfeng's last sentence: "On the right side of the backpack.." There was a complete silence all around, and there was another bang. In the darkness, Zhan Xing held his breath and crossed slowly in the water. Lin Jingfeng held a light tube to illuminate an underwater area. With the sound of gurgling water, Zhan Xing struggled to swim past and met Lin Jingfeng. Lin Jingfeng reached for his climbing bag with his fingers and grabbed the rope on the right side. The airbag in the bag quickly inflated, bulged, and dragged Zhan Xing to float. Lin Jingfeng held up the light tube and made a gesture to the exhibition line, meaning: "Go in?" Zhan Xing looked at Lin Jingfeng in a confused way. That moment was the time when Lin Jingfeng was most afraid. He vaguely remembered the fork road in the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor a few years ago. The same is close to the newcomer, the companion who knows nothing; the same is the dilemma between life and death; the same is the young man who only knows how to follow himself, and whose faith in him is close to blindness. Breath is only enough to last less than two minutes, is it to follow the loop to the other end to find another exit, or to enter through the waterway? What if the waterway is too long and suffocates before it can go out to sea? Countless thoughts flashed through his mind, only for a second, Lin Jingfeng made a decision, this time, he will not leave his companions alone to escape. He grabbed the strap of the exhibition's backpack, put the movable buckle on his belt, paddled on his hands and feet, and entered the waterway. Exhibition line thought finally can go out, follow Lin Jingfeng right, so happily come in, he did not know Lin Jingfeng heart has no bottom, also can not ask, grunt to spit out a string of bubbles. The long dark channel seems to have no end. A minute passed. The distance is still dark, the exhibition line began to hold a little bit, he pulled the tie hard, Lin Jingfeng head also did not look back, still forward. Lin Jingfeng decisively unloaded his backpack and led the exhibition line forward. One minute and thirty seconds. Struggling in the water, he opened his mouth and spat out a string of bubbles. Lin Jingfeng is also close to suffocation, his physique is much better than the exhibition line, but resolutely pedaling the waterway wall, dragging the exhibition line hard forward. When Zhan Xing drowned, he grabbed Lin Jingfeng's bag in pain and kept twitching. Lin Jingfeng was startled. He thought Zhan Xing could hold on for a while. He quickly turned around and hugged his neck, holding him and continuing to row forward. Exhibition line two feet fierce pedal, one hand tightly grasp Lin Jingfeng's hand, do not distinguish the direction of the fierce struggle. Lin Jingfeng turned around,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, clenched his hands into fists, and pounded the stomach of the exhibition line. The exhibition line spits out the last string of bubbles, and his eyes are desperate and blank.