Fairy Doctor in the City

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Zhang Yang came here today to find out the cause of Wang Xiuying's illness, but he didn't mind spending a little more time.

Zhang Yang came here today to find out the cause of Wang Xiuying's illness, but he didn't mind spending a little more time. Maybe he could get some clues in the school. For example, this little old Hu seems to be quite familiar with Yang Xiuying. Then nod: "Good, I wait for you! I wait for you!" Yang Xiuqin immediately became happy, nodded and said softly: "Thank you!" Turned around and went to class, as if even the pace was much lighter. Oh, Xiao Zhang, you have a good taste! Old Hu watched Yang Xiuqin walk briskly and praised Zhang Yang. I'm going to line up on the playground, too, but I'll be done soon. Just let them move freely! Why don't you come with me? I have something to tell you, too! Zhang Yang was also a little strange. He didn't know what Lao Hu wanted to say to himself, but he wanted to talk to him and see if he knew something about Yang Xiuying. He nodded and said, "Well, I'll go with you!" So Zhang Yang followed Lao Hu to the playground again, Lao Hu this time faster than before, hurriedly organized the team, then announced free activities, the team was disbanded. When the children went to play by themselves,cold drawn tubes, Lao Hu found Zhang Yang again and said, Xiao Zhang, Xiao Yang is a good girl! You have a good taste! As good as your brother Hu and my taste! Zhang Yang is stupefied, what does this old Hu mean, say my eye is good, say as good as his eye again. Did he take a fancy to Yang Xiuqin? Zhang Yang looked at Lao Hu and said to himself,aluminium coated tubes, "You look like an old cow eating tender grass, don't you?"? Old Hu saw Zhang Yang look at himself and suddenly smiled. Said: "I say this some problems, you do not misunderstand!"! I mean, brother, I see her sister Yang Xiuying, the two sisters are generally good, so we have the same vision! "So that's what happened!" Zhang Yang said with a smile, "Old Hu, are you quite familiar with Yang Xiuying?" Old Hu sighed and said, "It's not easy for Yang Xiuying to teach more than 20 classes and support her sister to go to college.". He is usually quiet and has a strong temper. She refused to accept other people's help easily. I just wanted to help her, but she didn't accept it very much. A catty little woman has delayed herself in order to study for her younger sister. She is too old to be young, and she has no companion. "What else does Mr. Yang like to do besides teaching?" Zhang Yang asked. She is a music teacher, and she also likes to sing songs. Lao Hu Dao! "The annual organ is also playing well!"! She is not very gregarious and talks a lot. She is the only music teacher, side impact door beams ,side impact door beams, and there is no one else in the office. It looks lonely. "So she doesn't have any other hobbies, dancing or anything?"? Do you have any friends or activities? Zhang Yang asked again. I'm not very clear about that either! Lao Hu thought about it and said, "Yes, she seems to be exercising somewhere recently. Maybe it's a bodybuilding center or something like that. Last time she asked me something about doing exercises." Oh, Miss Yang, do you often talk? Zhang Yang asked. "Well, we have a good relationship," Lao Hu added, "but we don't often get together. She is mostly alone in the music teaching and research section when she is not in class. Ask me those things because I am a physical education teacher. Yang Xiuying doesn't talk much at ordinary times. She is quite familiar with me at school. Laohu is saying: "Right, the net just you say you are catty.". Doctor, do you know Yang Xiuying's illness? Does her illness matter? Why did you leave the hospital and be hospitalized again? "This disease is not difficult to cure," Zhang Yang said. "It's just to prevent recurrence. Need to find the root of the disease! "Hey!" Old Hu sighed and said, "Yang Xiuying is not an easy woman. She should have a little man to take care of her." Old Hu looked around, turned his head and said with a smile, "Xiao Zhang, where are you and Xiao Yang now?"? I think that girl cares about you, and she won't let you go to class by herself! I'm telling you, you have to help me when you get along with each other. I really like Yang Xiuying. Although Lao Hu and I have been married, my wife has been gone for so many years. Lao Hu, I have a good character, and I am sincere to Yang Xiuying. You have to help me make a match. Yang Xiuying also needs someone to take care of her, doesn't she? I would like to take care of her! Zhang Yang didn't expect Lao Hu to say this to himself. It seems that he is deeply in love with Yang Xiuying. At least when he heard that Yang Xiuying was ill, he only asked about her condition, and did not ask her if there would be any sequelae when she was well, but he repeatedly expressed his willingness to take care of her. Such a man is difficult. Just he has some misunderstanding to oneself, oneself and Yang Xiuqin originally have nothing to do, come here just want to understand the cause of Yang Xiuqin's illness. There is no way to bring them together. I don't know how to answer for a moment. Seeing that Zhang Yang was silent, Lao Hu was a little anxious. He said, "I said Xiao Zhang, I'm telling you the truth. I'm also anxious when Yang Xiuying is ill. It's not that I don't want to go to the hospital to see her. It's just that Yang Xiuying's temper is like that. I hinted to her before, but she didn't respond.". I'm afraid she won't be happy if I go. If others gossip, it doesn't matter if I'm a divorced person. Teacher Yang is not a good person. Zhang Yang listened to what he said and admired him. It seemed that Lao Hu was really considerate. How about helping my brother? "Brother," said Old Hu, "I can also speak well of you in front of Xiao Yang! I like you as soon as I see you. You are absolutely right. Children should be allowed to play freely. Physical education is not a subject for college entrance examination. These children will not be athletes. Let them go at will. You see, I listen to you and let him move freely. Should we help each other? Brother, my happiness is in your hands! Zhang Yang felt a little sweaty on his forehead, so he had to nod and say, "OK, I'll try my best." "That's right!" Lao Hu is happy. Zhang Yang patted him on the shoulder and said, "In the future,aluminium coated steel tube, we will be United front. If you have anything to do, just look for me, Lao Hu!"! Maybe it will be a family in the future! 。 cbiesautomotive.com