Buddha is originally the Tao.

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"Oh, so it's a family affair of the Jade Emperor?"? The nest is upside down. Interesting, interesting. Zhou Qing sniggered in his heart, and then he was surprised, "Qingyuan Miaodao Zhenjun Yang Jian?"? I've heard a lot about this guy.

"Oh, so it's a family affair of the Jade Emperor?"? The nest is upside down. Interesting, interesting. Zhou Qing sniggered in his heart, and then he was surprised, "Qingyuan Miaodao Zhenjun Yang Jian?"? I've heard a lot about this guy. Although the seniority is very low, but a nine-turn Xuangong, ever-changing, but in those days even the seal of heaven hit him motionless, I go to see. "In that case, I have something to see Your Majesty, so you should step back." Zhou Qingdao. "The Great Heavenly Lord has issued a decree forbidding immortals to come in and out," said the King with a look of embarrassment. "If the emperor wants to come in, the little God is really in a dilemma." "Oh, you get out of the way first, and I'll talk to your majesty." Zhou Qingdao. Seeing that Zhou Qing's complexion was not good, the Heavenly King of Guangmu felt frightened and had to make way for Zhou Qing to enter the Heavenly Palace. When Yang Jian appeared, the three-pointed two-edged knife flew out of his hand, and a rotation directly cut the armor of hundreds of immortal soldiers outside Sendai. These immortal soldiers were frightened and scattered. They were rolled up by four princesses with ribbons. They left Sendai far away and fell seven meat and eight vegetables. They could not move and struggled for their lives on the ground. Yang Jian, how dare you break into the Heavenly Palace and disobey Your Majesty's will. Do you also want to go to Sendai? Wang, Yang, Gao and Li surrounded Yang Jian and shouted in a harsh voice. Yang Jian said with a smile, "I'll go to Sendai. Who can kill me?" Yang Jian Jiuzhuan Xuangong and the great sorcerer's immortal body, each has its own wonderful use, the sword and the thunder and fire do not hurt. Four will be great anger, holding the hook, golden whip, golden mace, surrounded by Yang Jian, is a good kill. Because the six princesses were recovering from their injuries, they could not move their magic power, so they were protected by the three princesses and did not start. Horse step intersection, fight a few rounds, four will see Yang Jian fierce, can not win,14 needle valve, Gao Ganyou Yang hand is a dzi bead hit, in the middle of Yang Jian face door, straight hit sparks burst out, open dzi beads into powder, and Yang Jian ignored, cut Gao Ganyou arm, blood dripping, Gao Ganyou roared, drag the hook defeated, the other three will be expected to enemy but Yang Jian, also retreat defeated. That big princess, two princesses,stainless steel tube fitting, four princesses, five princesses kill will come up, and six princesses, three princesses meet, see Yang Jian, all call cousin. Yang Jian said with a smile, "Sixth Sister is in trouble. I've come to her rescue.". Ladies and gentlemen, follow me to kill the Heavenly Palace. Don't talk too much. If it's too late, it will change. The six princesses understood that they had all taken the Qingfeng Sword, and now that the heavenly soldiers had not gathered and the Jade Emperor had not mobilized the stars and gods, they had just escaped. Sister, wait for me! Several immortal soldiers in the back chased the eight princes and waved the plain cloud flag to the prince. Where can these immortal soldiers get close. The plain cloud boundary flag, the central Wuji flag, the flame light flag from the ground, and the green lotus treasure color flag are the treasures of the three realms. At that time, Hongjun Taoist put them aside on the Fen Bao Cliff, and then dispersed in all directions. The green lotus treasure color flag is in Buddhism, the flame light flag from the ground is in Laojun Dou Shi Palace, the central Wuji flag is under yuanshi Gate, and the plain cloud boundary flag is in the hands of the Queen Mother of Heaven. The four treasure flags Little brother, it's hard for you! When the princesses saw the eight princes coming up, they drew their swords one after another and killed the heavenly soldiers who were chasing them. The eight princes jumped up. Still in shock, they said hurriedly, pipe fittings manufacturer ,needle valve manufacturer, "Sister, go quickly. That man is chasing after you. I don't have enough magic power. I'm afraid I can't stop at a low level." A few people do not say much, toward the south gate of heaven, along the way, Yang Jian dance three sharp two-edged knife to open the way, immortal soldier God will be unable to resist, and hurt him not to move, have to concede. Where to go? Bai Qichong will come up, killing the sword dance out of the immortal soldiers, straight into Yang Jian's heart. This man is awesome! Yang Jian in thousands of troops, listen to the wind to distinguish the sound, see the white shadow flash, blue light rushed to his heart, slightly moved. When did the Heavenly Palace produce this fierce general? Also do not dodge, the three-pointed two-edged knife toward the white shadow under the head. Bang, bang, two loud noises, the overwhelming air burst around, thousands of immortal soldiers around also had no time to dodge, were rushed far away, hit on the pavilions and pavilions, countless forbidden laws were blown open, brilliant flash, these immortal soldiers only ended up half dead. Heaven has a large army, but they are usually stationed outside the Heavenly Palace and have their own barracks. Near the Milky Way, in the Heavenly Palace, there are not many heavenly soldiers. The Jade Emperor had no time to summon him for a while, but he let Yang Jian take advantage of the loophole. Yang Jian only felt a chill in his heart. His Taoist clothes were pierced by the sand sword, and his white wrist vibrated. The tip of the sword touched the skin, and he could not move forward any more. He was frightened and was about to retreat, but he was cut on his head by a three-pointed two-edged knife. He smashed the star crown, his hair was covered up, and the flames were everywhere. He did not have the ferocity of the previous one, and he looked a little embarrassed. Both of them were surprised at the hardness of each other's body. They stood back and saw each other's image. Yang Jian asked, "Who are you?" "It's awesome. It's all awesome. It's invincible in hand-to-hand combat." Zhou Qing held the child in his arms and watched the battle from a distance. The immortal soldiers had already blocked the South Gate of Heaven. They did not go up to besiege him, but waited for the arrival of the gods commanded by the Jade Emperor. With his own body, hard against the white sword, now Zhou Qing is afraid that it is very difficult to do, unless completely refined the spirit of the wizard. Of course, fighting is not to say, who can fight hard who is fierce, there are many factors. However, but in terms of martial arts, regardless of the magic weapon, Zhou Qing is not as good as these two people. At that time, the struggle with Bai Qi was mostly due to the contribution of Qibao Miaoshu, not to mention how Bai Qi at that time could compare with Bai Qi now. Now Zhou Qing has lost the Seven Treasures Tree, and although the bamboo stick in his hand is extraordinary, it is not as good as the magic weapon of the religious leader. Only the five-color divine light brushes the two men, and then urges the East Emperor Bell to blow them into powder, that is, between the snap of fingers, but if you really want to fight hand-to-hand, I'm afraid you have to release the twelve big guys. Zhou Qing secretly considered that the twelve demons had absorbed part of the essence, and now their strength was soaring, their strength was strong, and the power of the array was greatly increased. I've been in this fairy world for forty or fifty years. Unexpectedly, the Jade Emperor really surrendered Bai Qi. Bai Qi, this fellow, directly receives the sun, moon and stars. He doesn't need capital. Forty years of practice, ah, I'm afraid that eating ginseng fruit is not comparable. The body of the wizard, Pangu blood, absorb the vitality of heaven and earth to transform the power of fast, Zhou Qing is very clear, Liao Xiaojin has Chiyou blood, practice the way of heaven to change, that speed, make Zhou Qing the founder are ashamed, although Zhou Qing refined a little bit of essence, but the transformation of the blood is pitiful, the beginning is a great increase in strength,hydraulic fitting supplier, more than Jin Guangxian and others, but the next practice speed, It's still slow. chinaroke.com