Sword tripod

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"Simple, restore your demon power to the energy of the source of death into my body, in my body fusion bombardment out can easily break this space."

"Simple, restore your demon power to the energy of the source of death into my body, in my body fusion bombardment out can easily break this space." The strange woman in the green shirt laughed and said. What Hearing this, Grandma Akagi was startled, and her already ugly eyes suddenly narrowed into a slit, staring at the strange woman in the green shirt like a poisonous snake, not knowing what she was thinking. Seeing Grandma Akagi's expression, the strange woman in the green shirt didn't know what she was thinking. She said with a faint smile, "You don't have to worry too much. After I extracted the breath of life from the body and separated it, it was doomed that I could only have two kinds of energy, one for life and one for death. Even if I absorbed your demon power of death, it would be useless. Even if I borrowed it for a short time this time.". I'm afraid the damage to me is not small. If you don't believe me, I will first force a trace of life energy into your body and you can feel it. OK Grandma Akagi nodded her head. Seeing this, the strange woman in the green shirt forced out a trace of pale blue energy from her fingertips and melted into the body of Grandma Akagi. As soon as this trace of energy entered the body, I saw Grandma Akagi's red and shriveled face turn blue. It was as if he would die at any time. Whew!! Grandma Akagi's body trembled violently, and a trace of blue energy gushed out of her body with her breathing, and then her body stopped trembling. How The strange woman in the green shirt seemed to have known this and said with a faint smile. Well, let's do it! In addition to the concerns in her heart, Grandma Akagi immediately nodded,Time Delay Faucet, and the demon power of death in her body was constantly restored, turning into a crimson energy that was about to be poured into the Qingshan demon woman. Seeing that the crimson energy was about to melt into the body of the strange woman in the green shirt, the golden fighting energy, which had been in passive defense around their bodies, suddenly rolled up and turned into two roaring golden dragons. In the face of the attack of the dragon transformed by the golden war energy, how can Grandma Akagi and Grandma Akagi care about the fusion of energy. The net just restored the energy of life and death in the body without thinking, and then blocked the two golden dragons. The rumbling golden dragon and the blue and red energy suddenly bombarded together,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, and the burst wave of tricolor energy gushed out, drowning the two men in it in an instant. Deep in the center of the energy explosion, Grandma Akagi felt dizzy for a while, and it took her a long time to stabilize her figure. Just as she was looking around, the temperature in the whole space dropped in vain, and crystal blue runes suddenly emerged from the boundless golden energy. In a short while, Grandma Akagi and the strange woman were surrounded by endless crystal blue runes. Both of them were constantly bearing strands of blue ice crystals. Big Zhou Tianjian Array, seal! Zhao Fuchen's clear voice suddenly came out from countless blue runes, only to see a burst of changes in the runes all over the sky. Then he rushed toward the strange woman in the green shirt like crazy. In an instant, a huge blue iceberg formed and sealed her in it. After freezing the strange woman in the green shirt, Zhao Fuchen's body suddenly appeared and appeared around Grandma Akagi. He raised his right palm and pressed it against Grandma Akagi's vest. A black flame was clearly visible in his palm. Burn!!! With Zhao Fuchen's ability to perform a sneak attack in the space inside the Death-Killing Sword, how could Grandma Akagi, a lower-grade immortal emperor, guard against it? Just listen to Zhao Fuchen's mouth lightly spit out a burning word, Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl ,stainless steel toilet, and his generous palm pressed on Grandma Akagi's vest. Ow heart. The black flame rose into the sky, and Grandma Akagi only let out a tragic howl of dead heart crack, which was illuminated by the black flame, and soon burned into ashes, leaving only a red inner alchemy full of the breath of death and demon power. Seeing this inner alchemy, a smile appeared in Zhao Fuchen's eyes. He pinched a sword finger in his right hand and pointed it at the red inner alchemy. Suddenly, the whole red inner alchemist was violently deformed. A black smoke of thick ink gushed out from the inner Alchemy, and the black smoke rolled. It was faintly visible that Grandma Akagi's face was roaring constantly. Stretching out his palm to crush the black flame, Zhao Fuchen waved his hand to collect the red inner alchemy, turned his head to take a look at the frozen Qingshan demon woman, and his body disappeared. Zhao Fuchen disappeared, and the iceberg of the strange woman in the frozen green shirt suddenly made a cracking sound. Finally, it exploded with a bang, revealing a strange woman in a green shirt with ice crystals hanging all over her body. After the strange woman in the green shirt appeared, she took a look at the place where Grandma Akagi was scared out of her wits, and her body trembled violently, as if she could not stand the cold on her body, and her face became pale. Chapter 388 of the fifth collection of Dacheng, the general trend of the fairy world. Sword Tripod Episode 8 Fairy Wind and Thunder Chapter 388 Practice, Fairy Trend Qin Yu also suddenly stood up from his seat, his eyes full of excitement. However, the shock of Qin Feng at the moment is far more than Qin Yu, when the net knew Qin Yu's death, Qin Feng's heart was painful and sad for a long time, the war, Qin Feng also held the heart of revenge for his third brother, but at the moment his third brother actually lived in front of him. "Qin Feng didn't know what to say all of a sudden." Feng'er, sit down quickly. You'll know about Yu'er later. Don't look. It's your third brother. Your third brother is still alive and well. Qin De is also happy, how long, how long Qin De did not have such a happy smile. Qin Feng suddenly shook his head, who cares, as long as his third brother did not die is a big happy event. Qin Feng immediately took his seat, and the five of them sat around. Qin De said, "Yu'er, you go on talking about what happened to you in the flood and famine." The net just Qin Yu just said to be hit by that light pillar in the flood and famine, but did not say behind. Qin Yu said with a smile, "When I was transported to the residence of my master in the flood and famine, I began to practice with peace of mind. Later, I realized that the plunder of 49 days would come soon.". However, Xiao Hei spent 49 days earlier than me. Qin Yu looked at Xiao Hei with a smile. Qin De, Qin Feng, Feng Yuzi and Xu yuan all looked at Xiaohei, their eyes full of surprise. When Qin Yu was seven years old,Manual Flush Valve, he received an eagle. Qin De several people also know this matter, they can naturally calculate the time of small black practice, the general intelligence is relatively low monster than human more difficult to practice. It is almost shocking to reach the realm of 49 days of plunder in a short span of more than ten years. cnkexin.com