Power Master [End]

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The thunder still stared at the ink with terrible eyes, and then opened his mouth,

The thunder still stared at the ink with terrible eyes, and then opened his mouth, very laboriously opened his mouth and said, "You, you also accompany me to die!!!"! Secret Art Sandstorm No Life!!! Ink eyes suddenly tightened, and then felt the whole desert suddenly like a burst of a very powerful force in general! Let oneself feel the sudden fear when death comes! The yellow sand, like boiling hot water, became undulating. Ink and wash struggle to stabilize their bodies, and then want to quickly escape from this place! Because he felt that the violent force was constantly intensifying his hostility, as if he was getting closer and closer to the explosion of the bomb. Boom! Boom! An earth-shaking sound echoed over the vast desert, making all the people turn their heads to look. Just like the mushroom cloud that rose when the atomic bomb exploded, not far away, people saw a rapidly growing tornado getting bigger and bigger. It seems that Tianlei has failed, but your friend seems to have been lost in this move! There was no emotional fluctuation on the face of the fire, holding a long steel axe in both hands, which was put together with the ghost cry painted by the fish. The fish painting turned his head lightly, then turned his head and said lightly, "I know he's still alive.". But your friend is dead. You will die,Vending Machine Motor, too. "Then each depends on his ability!" The fire said coldly, and then the two figures turned into a shadow and suddenly separated, and in an instant they collided again. The tornado behind the two men was getting closer and closer, more and more fierce, and the sky was covered with yellow sand, but the fish painting and the fire did not care at all. It was as if the huge tornado storm was a set,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, which did not make the two people take it seriously at all. Tianyue stood quietly on a sand dune, looking at the huge tornado storm in the distance, then turned to look at the power division of the heaven rushing up to him, sighed faintly, and suddenly waved the crescent moon. A dazzling light, in the yellow world all over the sky, is particularly dazzling, shining, fast and incomparable, instantly hit in the yellow sand, and then abruptly tore apart the yellow sand originally connected together, forming a huge valley-like place! Those who rushed toward the sky and the moon were accidentally hit by the sand flow and rushed toward the'valley '. In an instant, they were deeply buried in it and never came out again! "Almost!" Emperor month and non-attack and others suddenly appeared in the side of the day month, Planetary Gear Motor ,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, and then the day month nodded, said in a deep voice, "to help fish painting, I go to find Suguo!" # # # Novel Reading Network www.paipaitxt.com welcomes the vast number of book friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and hottest serial works are all in the novel reading network! ### 389 Explosion (First Watch Open) "Eight Diagrams reincarnation chop!!!" With a fiery shout, a light curtain of Yin and Yang suddenly appeared behind him! Then in this case, the fire suddenly sent out seven or eight white lights! The speed of fish painting is undoubtedly the fastest, after all, it is called shadow ghost. So dodging these is not a difficult thing for fish painting at all, but it really happens that fish painting falls into such a difficult thing! After one of them had dodged seven blades, the next one could no longer be avoided! Because the fish painting suddenly found that he was trapped in a fixed space! The fish painting suddenly felt a slight tremor in his heart, and quickly figured out what had happened. The first seven of the Eight Diagrams of the Earth Fire are a camouflage to organize their own movement, in order to divide the space around them, and then firmly trap themselves in a specific space to meet the eighth light blade! Although the fish painting is very surprised that the other side can easily divide the space for a short time, but at this time, it is obvious that there is no opportunity and time to allow themselves to say more! The ghost cry in the hand of the fish painting was suddenly inserted into the ground in front of the fish painting, and then held the top with a bang, the light blade suddenly resisted! But the huge impact, it is to let the fish painting feel a burst of blood boiling all over the body! Even their own figure also back do not know how many steps! What is that in your hand? Can you stop my power? The earth fire also looked at the fish painting with a surprised face, and then looked at the ghost crying. He knew that what he had just done, not to mention ordinary weapons, was a super-alloy weapon, and he was afraid that he would be cut like tofu at this time, but the weapon in the hand of the fish painting was obviously very easy to take over his own move, which made him feel curious and surprised. It's called Ghost Cry. The fish painting steadied itself, then pulled out the ghost cry from the sand and held it tightly in the palm of his hand! The fire hesitated slightly, and then said with a sneer, "This name is not good, it does not deserve its hardness at all.". I think I'll take care of it later and give it a better name! Now, the most important thing is to get rid of you first! What's the matter? Do you feel the tiger's mouth tingling so you have to hold your weapon with your left hand? The fish painting shook his right hand slightly and nodded frankly, "Well, yes, that's true. That move just now had a great impact." "Then you will die obediently!"! Bagua Tianyin! The earth fire roared loudly with some excitement, and then made a hand decision. After the hand decision, another object in the shape of the Eight Diagrams suddenly fell from the sky and hit the earth heavily. Fortunately, the fish painting hides quickly, otherwise the fish painting really does not know what kind of fate it will be, because when those gossip seals fall down, they fall to the ground and burst open suddenly! Its power is enough to destroy everything within five meters! What kind of magic is this? Is it also a power? Fish painting some helplessly said a sentence,Brushless Gear Motor, have to say at this time some of their own is very embarrassed, but fortunately fish painting also has the advantage of speed, so barely managed to escape!. ichgearmotor.com