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Originally, this spell of turning blood into clouds was one of the spells that Tuo Ba Qing,

Originally, this spell of turning blood into clouds was one of the spells that Tuo Ba Qing, the Lord of the Three Immortals Cave and the Second Cave, was proud of. It had a unique mystery, and its power was not small. Any powerful spell could resist it for a while. It is a pity that a guess although there is a guess in the name of the word, but in any case can not guess if the water handle of the small ruler actually has more than twenty thousand jins of weight, can be used to overcome skillfully, so the spurting of blood cloud a touch to the treasure ruler, immediately by its heavy as a mountain of wood nine gas ruler like tearing a broken net as easily pulled a ragged, a foot will fall down. In addition to smashing the unfortunate child of Caiyi Ah Chai into the mud of Caiyi meat, he collapsed half of the whole Sanxian Dongguan, along with the falling blue lightning, which easily killed a dozen barbarians, and finally, due to the collapse of half of the Dongguan, the heavy and thick door made of several centuries-old giant trees also collapsed. By the way, he smashed several barbarians who could not dodge into pieces of meat pie. Again, when did Ruoshui become so fierce? Before the old man had time to put his eyes back, he was startled by the power of the magic weapon of water. Two black and white eyes were thrown far away, and a careful liver was so frightened that it jumped wildly. For a moment, he did not know what to say except to sigh with emotion. Ruoshui looked at him contemptuously and said, "Don't be wordy. Do you know that my magic power is more than half empty?"? Don't stare and gasp like a toad. If you don't do it again, the barbarians will be killed by Lao Chang. These are all good deeds that can be harvested at will! Only then did he come to his senses, but looking back, the old sheep monster had enthusiastically directed the incarnation of the powerful primordial God to kill the remaining barbarians near Dongguan, leaving only two or three big cats and kittens. Seeing this, Lao Wu could not help crying out with grief and indignation, "Show mercy!" Then, without any mercy, he shot all the few remaining barbarians into the wall with hundreds of swords. Successfully breaking through the cave, Ruoshui and others took the rugged path behind the door as a guide and flew all the way to the three immortals cave. In the course of the flight,24v Gear Motor, it is inevitable that there are a few blind things that dare to attack. It's a pity that they don't know that Lao Wu is in a state of racing now. Seeing the monster is closer than seeing his mother and father. Before their sneak attack is close to three people, these poor guys will have a large area of shiny and cold things shooting at themselves. In a twinkling of an eye, they will go to the system God to wait in line for the new area. Only a broken body, which had been poked full of sieve holes by countless swords, fell miserably in the dust. Of course, along the way this sporadic blocking, sneak attack is just a side dish, Sanxiandong forces are not small, naturally will not let Ruoshui three of them rampage, unbridled killing and fighting. No, just after Ruoshui had broken through the door of the cave, six of the eighteen heads of the Three Immortals Cave had already led a team of seven or eight hundred people to gather in a valley open space nearest to the cave, sitting on the ground according to a specific position, or holding a bone instrument, or holding a strange banner that was not white or grey, or with a python on their body, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,Micro Gear Motor, holding poisonous insects and toads in their hands, all kinds of strange shapes. And so on, put out a strange array is waiting for the arrival of Ruoshui and others. Although the three immortals cave these are barbarians, but the barbarians also have barbarian magic inheritance, not worse than those monastic people, the hundreds of people composed of the formation although crude and simple, but after 10% of the formation is also murderous, no small matter, even the old sheep strange far-sighted were taken aback, stopped the blood lotus to take a closer look. Lao Wu is a descendant of the ancient sword fairy. He is proficient in the sword array, and Ruoshui is a master of the array. However, when they meet the barbarian array, they can only stare at each other. At this critical moment, they have to look at the old sheep monster. After a moment, the old goat smiled slightly, apparently seeing through the other side's array. "My old man still thinks that these barbarians really have a ghost way. They can actually arrange such a murderous array. The result is that it's just the power of ghosts and gods. Even if the power is not weak, it's just some trails. It's comparable to the real array among the four families of Buddhas, demons, Taoists and demons, which triggers the spirit of heaven and earth, operates and evolves, and produces infinite power." "Boss, don't say such profound words, will you?" Lao Wu rolled his eyes and said that the two swords around him were like two white dragons mating and circling. If it weren't for the old sheep monster in front of him, Lao Wu would be really eager to try in the face of the strange array of those barbarians. Ruoshui today also made a rare brute: "Regardless of the road, Lao Chang, you tell us how to deal with this situation!" " "Simple, those barbarians use manpower as a bridge to trigger the natural wisdom of the nearby mountains and rivers, plus the residual soul of the ancestors in the instruments and the evil spirit of heaven and earth collected on weekdays, to create such a four-unlike array after mixing into one, although the power is not small, it is a pity that it is lost.". From my old man's point of view, if you want to break this array, you can either use force to overcome it and break up the mess they have gathered together, or divide and control it, and try to break the thread of their array, so that those souls, spirits, evil spirits and so on can fight with each other, and this ghost array will naturally break itself. Chapter 361 violence breaks the array and attracts the fish to the hook. Chapter 361 violence breaks the array and attracts the fish to the hook. See through the other side of the array, and find out the way to crack, does not necessarily mean that you can easily solve the barbarian array, for no other reason, just because the number of barbarians is too much. Even if the seven or eight hundred barbarians just stand there motionless and let three people to kill, it will take a lot of effort, not to mention that they are all fierce and incomparable living people at this time, and have the help of magic, magic, and law array? What's more, the barbarian leader who acted as the eyes of the array and was poured into his body by the power of ghosts and gods in this strange array,gear reduction motor, which greatly increased his strength, was definitely not a good match. Even if they wanted to break the array, they had to ask the six guys first.