Today I’ll talk about all the signs she wants to fuck that you may be getting from older women.

I’ll go over some of the more subtle signals and explain what they mean. Then I’ll tell you what you should look out for so you can pick up on them more easily and clarify why you may be missing them. Also, I’ll give you a few pointers on what to do when you notice these signs so that you can take advantage of them.

Most signs she wants to fuck are very discreet

The vast majority of women won’t just go up to you and blatantly say something like “Take me now!” when they want to sleep with you.

No, they’ll be a little bit more discreet about it. That’s because slut-shaming is still a very real and harmful thing, which is really unfortunate. Women often aren’t free to express their sexual interest and desires openly because many people will think they’re too easy and will shame them for it. Especially in certain countries where women are encouraged to remain “pure.”

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This double standard is the reason why women want to be a bit more subtle when planning to reveal their sexual desire to men. Because if they run into the wrong person who’s highly judgmental, they’ll suffer horrible consequences.

That said, women enjoy sex as much as men do, if not more. That’s why you definitely need to learn what some of the more subtle signs she wants to fuck are. Because these signs are among the safest ways for women to signal their sexual desire for you.

If you know how to spot them and take advantage of them, you’ll go far.

1) She openly talks about sex with you

While this may not seem like a very subtle sign, it actually is. Because many men don’t realize that if an older woman has no trouble openly discussing sex with you, she’s into you.

Women don’t just openly talk about sex with random guys because this topic is private and intimate. Like I said before, they have to be careful because they can easily meet the wrong person. Someone who may judge them harshly for it and cause significant grief.

That’s why when an older woman is talking openly about sex with you, it means that she trusts you and likes you. She trusts you enough to believe that you won’t judge her for it. She’s also comfortable enough with you that she most likely wants to sleep with you.

This sexual conversation can happen in many ways. She may talk about her past sexual experiences and ask you about yours. You may even start discussing about the various sexual positions and pleasurable techniques. Or she may simply be using various sexual innuendos when talking to you. As long as the conversation is sexual and something that two platonic friends wouldn’t talk about, it means she’s really into you.

Take advantage of this when it happens and invite her over to your place for some “coffee.”

2) She makes an excuse to go to your place or invite you to hers

This sign she wants to fuck is pretty huge. There’s absolutely no reason for a random woman to go to your place or invite you to hers. Unless you’re exceptionally good friends or she wants to sleep with you.

Basically, she’s signaling that she wants to go somewhere more private with you. Somewhere away from prying eyes, so that she can have you all to herself.

She may even find an innocent-sounding excuse to see your place. Like asking if you have any good music to listen to or movies to watch. It’s just an excuse to go home with you. The not-so-subtle version of this would be her asking you “My place or yours?”

So, when you notice that she wants to go to your place or invites you to come to hers, don’t hesitate. You’re definitely going to get lucky if you accept, so take advantage of this and don’t miss the clear opportunity.

3) She takes every opportunity to touch you

Physical touch is one of the most important things in seduction. Without it, there’s no possibility for sex at all.

When a woman makes any excuse to touch you as much as she can, it means that she’s really into you. It also signifies that she trusts you completely and is also very comfortable around you. Without that trust and comfort, your chances of getting laid are slim to none.

That’s why when you notice that an older women makes any excuse to touch you, you should pay attention.

This can happen in many different ways. For example, she may keep touching you gently on your arm or shoulder while talking to you. She may want to sit or stand very close to you so that your legs or arms touch. Or, she may just be overly physical with you, going in for hugs, punching you on the arm or shoving you playfully.

Take notice if her touching is becoming increasingly intimate and sensual. Especially if she touches you where it would be inappropriate for friends or colleagues to do so.

After you notice all this, you should try and get to somewhere private with her and make your move. Because she’ll mostly be very receptive to it.

4) She adjusts her clothing and posture to appear very sexual

It’s called “Ass out, tits out.” When an older woman makes it a point to show as much cleavage around you as she can and make sure you notice her ass, she’s really into you.

She’ll make herself prettier for you, suck in her gut and walk around in a manner which accentuates her curves. She’ll make sure there’s a lot of skin showing and that you see it.

Basically, she wants you to see her best bodily assets so that you’ll become aroused, in hopes that you’ll want to have sex with her. Because she already wants to fuck you.

So, take the time to notice women who make it a point to show off their best features to you. She’s doing it for a reason and it’s a pretty reliable sign she wants to have sex with you.

5) She texts or calls you very late in the evening

Usually, when a woman texts or calls you after midnight, there’s only one thing on her mind. She wants to find out if you’re alone and free to meet her.

Even if it’s a simple message like “Hey, what are you doing?” it’s still very telling. There’s absolutely no reason to disturb you at such an hour unless it’s an emergency. So when she does, you can safely assume that she wants to sleep with you.

To take advantage of this, play it cool and don’t ask her why she’s messaging you. Assume that she wants you and talk to her like you normally would. After a bit of conversation, say something like “You know what? I’m actually a bit bored right now and not sleepy at all. You should come over. I’ll make you some tea.”

It doesn’t matter what reason you give her to come over as long as it’s not something that’s blatantly sexual. Remember, women want you to be more subtle about the whole thing as well. They don’t want to seem too easy so you shouldn’t explicitly say that she should come over for sex. Unless she’s already your friend with benefits or lover.

6) The subtle signs she wants to fuck — when she’s licking her lips a lot

While licking one’s lips often is not necessarily one of the best signs she wants to fuck, it’s definitely a huge sign of attraction.

That said, notice her body language, facial expression and how she behaves around you when she does this. If she’s constantly licking her lips while talking to you and has very sensual and intimate body language, it means she wants you bad.

She’s making herself ready to make out with you. She’s also already imagining doing so. So if you’re both somewhere private, don’t hesitate to pull her in and kiss her. Then take things further.

Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that she’s very into you if she exhibits cold body language towards you while she does this.

7) She gives you “The Look”

This one’s a little bit difficult to explain. But if you’re someone with much experience when it comes to women, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Basically, when she gets all up in your face and gives you the “Fuck me eyes”, you’re good to go right away. You know, the eyes which scream at you “I want you right here and right now!”

It’s a bit difficult to notice this if you’re a novice, but most guys who are exceptionally successful with women can spot this look instantly.

When you spot it, there’s not much left to do but to grab her by the hand and go somewhere private. Because you’re definitely getting lucky.

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You now know what the most important and subtle signs she wants to fuck are. When you notice them, take advantage of the opportunity and simply go somewhere private together.

If she’s given you the signs, she won’t resist this and will actually gladly go with you. And, if she’s spontaneous and horny enough, you may even get to have a quickie in the bathroom if you’re at a bar or a club.

These signs take a bit of experience and practice to notice. However, they’re very reliable and usually sincere.

Don’t be afraid to take things further and escalate physically when you see them. Because if you miss them or don’t take the opportunity, women won’t think highly of you. At best, they’ll think that you simply don’t like them. At worst, they’ll think you’re a pussy and won’t respect you.

That’s why this topic is so important.

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