Most size tip blogs written are for guys with penises on the smaller side. Average or above average guys wouldn’t consider there is such a thing as “too big.”

But if you’re one of those rare dudes whose dick is so big that it is “too big,” in excess of 8 inches, you know that good things come in small packages… the oversize cock has some problems of its own.

Not everyone can take it.

The vagina is elastic and can stretch to birth a baby, but there are a lot of hormones making that happen—and a lot of tearing.

Your huge dick is not as a big as a watermelon. But even if a woman’s vagina “can” take it, it might take a lot of work and a hyper amount of arousal.


“I have NEVER had sex without using a tub of lubrication, and there were times I had to go without sex because we forgot to bring lube. It’s uncomfortable for women I have been with, and it was for my ex wife and more often than not, my orgasm is spent jacking myself against her after we fool around. It’s better than nothing, but it’s a long way from the fantasy most guys have about having a big dick,” says Duncan.

Duncan’s other partners have been much shorter and larger and can take him more comfortably, yet still uncomfortable more often then not. However not without plenty of lube.

Erections don’t always function properly.

Oversized guys can have a lot of trouble with erections.

“There is literally not enough blood flow in the most virile, fit, youthful version of myself to have a proper erection,” Clarke confesses. “I used cock rings and warming creams when I was twenty to make it work, but even so, holding it up was tricky. And now that I’m a bit older, it slaps around at three quarter way even at my horniest. It can be hard to insert. It’s throbbing, but it can’t support itself!”

Forget about anal.

Anal is painful if your dick is too big.
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“My girlfriends both love anal—can you imagine being that lucky?” Leontay says. “But I don’t get much benefit from it. Becky says it’s too much of an ordeal to go there, and Samantha asks me to use a butt plug to fuck her ass instead. What about me? I have to grin and bear it because I wouldn’t want this thing in my ass either!”

Oral sex is also limited.

Our mouths can make a wide range of sensations, licking, slurping, sucking, nibbling.

The guy with the average dick is never thinking, “Wow, this feels great! If I had a bigger cock, I wouldn’t experience this range.” He’s wondering what he’s missing. Yet… He is actually feeling more of her and she is getting more, if not all of him.

The grass isn’t always greener. “My partners only suck me if I promise to stand still. I endlessly watch porn where the woman begs the man ‘fuck my mouth!’ and takes it while he jacks it. I would just love to move back and forth a bit. But it’s a lot more pleasant for her to lick it like a lollipop than take it hard in her mouth.”  “The shit you see in porn is fantasy, props and camera tricks, so I get it.”

It’s a drawback, and the solution is simple acceptance of using other techniques, not deep oral thrusting. Sorry, guys.

Condoms can break more easily.

You want your partners to feel secure knowing you always have safe sex with everyone. “However… Let’s get real!” “We showers like to show and like to show it off. So most of us are getting the pussy when and where we can, lol!” Says Adam.

“That’s great, but when condoms break or don’t fit properly, it can be annoying and difficult and people can get the wrong idea,” says Ethan.

You may never have worried about condoms not fitting or being so uncomfortable that you felt like the circulation to your dick was being cut off. You may never have experienced the trauma of a broken condom and the fear of pregnancy or HIV that can follow. Since the most important part of sex is safe sex, this is no laughing matter.

The solution is to always stock your own condoms from a trusted supplier, ordering an appropriate size and thickness and quality that you can trust, and never being caught empty handed.
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And as a Man, be sensitive and aware of her and her need for pleasure. A woman vagina sits at a normal 4 inches and just about 6 when aroused. When she has to endure much more that that, it is painful, uncomfortable for her esteem, desire and cervix.  Nothing that she will sign on for too long, including any long term relationship with you.

Men, to learn more as to why some of you had to be born with too much. Google, read and research; Why some males need to have a long penis? Going back to man’s beginnings, some bloodlines were doomed to die out. If the adaptation of length was not evolved to help some males get as close to the cervix as possible for procreation.  The why’s of it all can be found when doing that research and discovering information about genes, genetics and family bloodline continuation.


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